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What are Generic Medications?

Generic Medications The generic version of a medication is commonly produced to lower costs in the medicine world. Typically, a medication company will spend millions upon millions of dollars and years and years doing R&D and developing a medication. In order to be compensated for such, they typically get a medical patent. These last for […]

Are Weight Loss Injectables Safe?

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Are Weight Loss Injectables Safe? Now you may be thinking to yourself. What is a weight loss injectable? Wegovy (semaglutide) and Saxenda (liraglutide) are both injectable medications FDA-approved for weight loss. Wegovy is injected once weekly. Saxenda is injected once daily. A recent study compared Wegovy and Saxenda for weight loss. At OWL, semaglutide injectables […]

Is OWL Safe?

You may be wondering if telemedicine pharmacy is safe. OWL is one of the rare few companies that focuses on doctor patient consultations before prescribing any medication. Having a company that sends you prescriptions sent to your door and having a remote doctor and a company that has a lot of products to choose from, […]

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

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Compounding Versions Maybe you have seen a “compounded version” of a prescription before and asked yourself what is that? What is a compounded version of a weight loss drug or a pain cream. A compounded version is a cream or an ointment or an injectable sourced from a compounding pharmacy, which is a pharmacy that […]

What is OWL?

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What Is OWL? You’ve seen a frenzy of social media posts and television commercials and newsworthy articles regarding weight loss injectables and ED pills being sent to you right at your home. With all the different kinds of brands out there and products to choose from, where should you get your prescription medication from with […]