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What is OWL?

What Is OWL?

You’ve seen a frenzy of social media posts and television commercials and newsworthy articles regarding weight loss injectables and ED pills being sent to you right at your home.

With all the different kinds of brands out there and products to choose from, where should you get your prescription medication from with a few different options available to you?

With the advent of telemedicine we have the ability to be 100% remote Now!
And it’s absolutely wonderful. But this is still medicine. And you need a doctor for medicine. Somehow that has gotten a little lost by mainstreaming prescriptions or advertising medical treatments with online solutions.

That’s how OWL was born.

There seems to be a dominance of people prescribing medications online that shouldn’t really be prescribed.

We thought to ourselves – what about a safe company that delivers prescriptions from telemedicine.

OWL is a doctor focused telemedicine company specializing in telemedicine pharmacy.

Medications that get ingested or injected in the body need to be taken seriously.
Safety is paramount.

The care and concern for our patients throughout my career is first and foremost.
Making sure you get the right medication and ensuring it’s right for you while presenting minimal side effects comes first.

At OWL, we make sure that our doctors are well trained, savvy, and stand by the highest protocols.

You want efficacy when you go on a journey for something like weight loss, skincare rejuvenation, hair restoration, sexual health, or longevity. You want results and I’m sure you’ve seen some ads on how effective some treatments can be but the truth is, when you are injecting something in your body you ideally want a doctor.

A quality doctor should ask you pertinent questions, take blood where necessary, administer proper dosages, and guide you with any concerns and progress along the way.

Trust me, we understand the new age of medicine where everything’s online. Old school medicine waiting in a waiting room to be seen, is not only out of style, it’s flat out inconvenient. You don’t want to have to go to a physical location. You don’t want to be hassled with parking and a receptionist. You don’t want to have to wait in a waiting room for an hour or more before you are seen. You want the medication now.

That’s precisely why we created OWL in the first place. We know you want to do it remotely. You want to do it discreetly and that’s what OWL is. We are 100% remote with doctors maintaining doctor patient confidentiality.

At OWL, we make sure we are thorough while being efficient. We use our training and expertise, to understand your needs and your medical profile to understand the best treatment for you and to get it to you immediately. Unlike other companies, we are doctor focused.

We don’t focus on a product. We focus on treatments. Maybe you know exactly what medication you want. We are a medicine oriented company but we want to make sure that you are qualified for that medicine first.

You want a doctor who is licensed in your state and one you can trust. A doctor who knows the ingredients in these medications, who is highly trained to diagnose and treat, and who can direct you to the right product that fits your personal profile with the most effective treatment and least amount of side effects there are.

At OWL, we put the relationship first and then we put you on the right treatment based on your medical history and situation. We’re not pushing a product, we are understanding of your specific situation.

There are all different kinds of medications – some that are advertised – and some that are actually better for certain people that you may never have even heard of before. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor first … before jumping to a conclusion of what you think is good for you … because you saw a couple advertisements about a product.

We take health seriously and we know you do. The care for our patients is first and foremost.

Make an appointment with an OWL doctor today. We cover weight loss, longevity, skincare, hair restoration, sexual health, and much more. Our company is 100% online. Every product is shipped directly to you.

Remember, it’s all in WHO you Trust. Trust in OWL.


Why Use OWL for Your Prescribed Medications?
OWL is a convenient telemedicine company with real doctors performing consultations through your journey, prescribing medicatinos through 100% remote online methods…

Doctor Patient Confidentiality

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OWL’s intention is to surpass “normal” in favor of OPTIMAL. This is the guiding principle of ONLINE WELLNESS LEADERS. Our OWL physicians are the key to our success. That’s what truly differentiates OWL from other online wellness companies and prescription based competitors.

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