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Doctor Patient Confidentiality

A confidential communication between the physician and the patient is afforded privilege only when the communication was made in the course of a professional treatment, diagnosis, and medical care.
Several Florida statutes guard your right to medical and patient privacy.

Some of the protections include:

  • Prohibiting the sharing of patient records to parties other than the patient, their healthcare providers, and their legal representatives without written consent
  • Requiring patient notifications of breaches or court-ordered releases of their medical and mental health information
  • Prohibiting patient information from being used for marketing or solicitation purposes without written release and permission
The 1996 federal act known as HIPAA protects the privacy of all identifying health information including information in your medical records, conversations between your medical providers, and medical billing information.
This law’s privacy rule requires healthcare providers and organizations to develop and maintain practices that protect your healthcare information.
HIPAA gives you the ability to provide your medical information to whomever you wish, providing you consent to the release of your records. Once you consent to share that information with your selected parties, your medical providers can’t be held responsible if those parties share your information. HIPAA limits who can access your information without your consent to entities such as law enforcement agencies.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services states that this law covers all communications of protected medical information, whether that communication is oral, electronic, or written. Medical or patient information that cannot be used to identify you, also called “de-identified” information, isn’t protected under HIPAA.

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Doctor Patient Confidentiality

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