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OWL, short for Online Wellness Leaders Online Wellness Leaders (OWL) specializes in national concierge telemedicine focusing on wellness categories including injectable weight loss, prescription sexual health-erectile dysfunction medications (compounded and enhanced generic Cialis and Viagra) and other options at substantial savings to males, and stimulant/libido enhancing creams for women. Our aesthetic categories include prescription compounded anti-aging skin care, hair restoration for men and women and dermatological issues such as acne and rosacea. Basically, as a cash only medical service, physicians and mid-level practitioners contracted will avoid the issue of poor reimbursement from insurance companies. With certain treatments, patients can self-submit to their insurance companies, but in most cases, these topics are generally not covered. Not only do we possess the technology for live video telemedicine, but much of the population has experience using online video chat apps such as Skype. They also have access to computers and mobile devices to use these apps. Increasingly, telemedicine provides medical practices an edge in a competitive healthcare system where it’s increasingly difficult to remain independent or maintain a healthy bottom line.
OWL specializes in national concierge telemedicine, focusing on wellness categories including:
  • Consulting and providing prescriptions for sexual health for men including compounded enhanced generic Cialis, Levitra and Viagra as well as manufactured generic Cialis,  and Viagra at a tremendous saving to the consumer. The compounded versions are not offered by other online sites such as Hims and Roman, both billion- dollar companies. 
  • Compounded Weight Loss injectables will be the focus of Online Wellness Leaders. We offer Semaglutide  (Ozempic and Wegovy) as well as compounded Mounjaro (Tirzepatide). All 3 are well tolerated, efficacious and highly in demand. Semaglutide will also be available in oral form. We will focus heavily on weight loss, and of course, the  other topics.
  • OWL offers hair restoration formulations as well as prescription and non-prescription skin care. Anti-Aging Peptide oral preparations and vitamin replacement therapy will also be provided afterwards.  
  • OWL has several exceptional formulations for topical pain creams for muscle pain, arthritis and neurological pain. These creams are formulated in a highly soluble base which penetrates to the source of the pain to eliminate pain.
Not only does OWL provide consultation after reviewing the patient’s medical history and video chatting or phone consults, but also e-prescribes medication to highly regulated 503a-503b compounding pharmacies.
Our business model is unique to the telemedicine industry. Offering exceptional prescription products, producing additional income to our practitioners will be an attractive alternative to the traditional telemedicine model.
  • OWL offers complete, immediate and convenient service to our patients who will “see” the physician online and receive their medication without leaving the comfort of their residence.
  • OWL only contracts with qualified healthcare providers who have had experience in telemedicine and the wellness field.
  • Each physician is carefully screened by our Medical Director and follows our protocol to properly treat patients uniformly.
  • OWL offers superior medications, compounded by highly trained and skilled clinical pharmacists.
  • People who are overweight or obese have new options other than trendy diets and prescriptions which have many undesired side effects. With the advent of injectables such as Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro, significant weight loss is possible with a low side effect profile.
  • OWL offers compounded versions of these highly efficacious medications at significant savings. They are compounded from the base form of the same chemicals, not the salt form which is not approved.
  • We have maintenance- based therapy which yields long term results, especially on weight loss injectables, hair restoration products, skin care and other prescription wellness and aesthetic products. Weight loss injectables and erectile dysfunction will cost the consumer considerably less than prescriptions available on the market.
OWL physicians focus on the individual, whole person solutions for women and men from their 20’s through their 90’s and beyond. Many internet telemedicine companies concentrate on male millennials, offering the same old solutions.
Why Use OWL for Your Prescribed Medications?
OWL is a convenient telemedicine company with board certified physicians performing consultations through your journey, prescribing medications through 100% remote online methods…

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OWL’s intention is to surpass “normal” in favor of OPTIMAL. This is the guiding principle of ONLINE WELLNESS LEADERS. Our OWL physicians are the key to our success. That’s what truly differentiates OWL from other online wellness companies and prescription based competitors.
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