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Is OWL Safe?

You may be wondering if telemedicine pharmacy is safe. OWL is one of the rare few companies that focuses on doctor patient consultations before prescribing any medication. Having a company that sends you prescriptions sent to your door and having a remote doctor and a company that has a lot of products to choose from, is great, but you really want a company that crosses the T’s and dots the I’s with safety.

OWL makes sure its products are world class by working with compounding pharmacies that go through rigorous testing which is regulated by the state and our doctors are highly trained to understand the ingredients in all the medications and your personal scenario to understand what products might be best for you that present the least amount of side effects. With OWL, you are only being sent medication after a doctor has seen you. You won’t be sent any medication based on a questionnaire you filled out and your own determination of what medication you want. While your preferences are prioritized, a doctor really has to make the call if that’s the right treatment for you given your situation.

Sometimes blood work is required. Sometimes the ingredient you think you want is not as effective as another one. Or poses issues with your medical history. At OWL, you are scheduling a consultation with a doctor. Someone who can talk directly with you, understand your needs and wants, and can have a clear understanding of your medical history. If you want medication and treatment to assist with something like weight loss or ED, You want this done the right way. Yes, you want things 100% remote, done discreetly, and prescriptions sent to your door. But you also want a qualified doctor who is licensed by your state to sign off on it. With OWL, before you’re getting a medication sent to you, a doctor licensed in the United States and in your state, has reviewed your personal situation directly and affirmed that the medication was indeed proper protocol.

If you are a candidate for a treatment, you will get a prescription that is a compounded medication created for a specific order based on the active ingredients that create the intended result. OWL is able to undercut many of the prices on many advertised medications you see because it uses something called compounding pharmacies to achieve this. A compounding pharmacy is able to circumvent normal IP protections by creating a formulation to order, as long as it is not mass produced.

The reason why this is allowed is because you cannot prevent pharmacies from engaging in their livelihood by creating a restriction on active ingredients being used – that does not promote healthy business practices. These rules help competition to prevent a monopoly controlled by one large medication company. Licensed pharmacists have to go through rigorous training to understand what you can mix an ingredient with and what you can’t mix an ingredient with. OWL uses some of the country’s most trusted compounded pharmacies that are licensed in your state to make sure you get your treatment safely from the comfort of your own home.

Getting a medication because you saw an ad without seeing a doctor is not really the ideal way to go about something – yes, there may be no consequences that your friend or your relative received from doing it that way but a doctor is the qualified person to tell you if you are a candidate for a medication and is the correct person who can ensure there are no interactions with your medical history. There are many products to choose from and sometimes there are different active ingredients that should be used in different use cases. That’s why OWL focuses on a doctor consultation before any medication is prescribed – because no one can really know what’s right for you without some pertinent questions and answers.

At OWL, our consultations and medications are affordable with very competitive pricing, are highly efficient, and you can trust that your doctor will guide you through the whole process to help you achieve the end result you desire. We hope you choose OWL for your prescription needs! We are a trusted name in medicine and we source the highest quality products from some of the best compounding pharmacies in the country. We take health seriously and we know you do. The care for our patients is first and foremost. Make an appointment with an OWL doctor today. We cover weight loss, longevity, skincare, hair restoration, sexual health, and much more. Our company is 100% online. Every product is shipped directly to you. Remember, it’s all in WHO you Trust. Trust in OWL.
Why Use OWL for Your Prescribed Medications?
OWL is a convenient telemedicine company with real doctors performing consultations through your journey, prescribing medicatinos through 100% remote online methods…

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OWL’s intention is to surpass “normal” in favor of OPTIMAL. This is the guiding principle of ONLINE WELLNESS LEADERS. Our OWL physicians are the key to our success. That’s what truly differentiates OWL from other online wellness companies and prescription based competitors.

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